Eliud Kipchoge reasons for success

Running has for a long time been a daily dose for the Kalenjin running nation. Its has been an inspired talent and has by all-time attributed to this nation of athletes.

Kalenjin has so far produced a good number of elite athletes with Eliud Kipchoge being the latest World Record Holder in the Berlin Marathon.

Reasons To Success

Be raised properly.                                                                                                           

Eliud Kipchoge last of five children in kapsisiywa, Nandi County. Kipchoge’ father died when he was still young but his mother (a widow) a school teacher was his role model.

He says his mother taught me to work hard and respect everyone.

Get a good coach.                                                                                                                         Eliud Kipchoge has been the most fortunate athlete having been raised within a few kilometers of one of the world’s finest endurance coach-Patrick Sang former world and Olympic steeplechase silver medallist.

Patrick Sang (Eliud Kipchoge’s coach) first saw him when he was 16 years old in a local cross country race. Eliud impressed him and since then they have enjoyed the uninterrupted coach-athlete relationship.

 Enjoy a good track career. 

Before focusing his career on the marathon at the end of 2012, Eliud was one of the finest track athletes. At the age of 18 he defeated track icons (Hicham El guerrouj and kenenisa Bekele) winning World 5000m title in Paris.

Athens Olympic 2004 – won 5000m silver.                                                                                 Beijing Games 2008 – won 5000m bronze.

  It has given him the background to complete Sunday’s BMW Berlin Marathon at an eye-popping average of 2:52 per km or when breaking it down further 68.8secs per 400m!

This track record has given him a good background to complete Sunday’s BMW Berlin Marathon.

Take care of your body.

At his 18 years of age, Eliud suffered very few injuries and now says that he takes time to take care of hid body.

He does stretching,massage,aerobics fro the first month every season.

Overcome challenges.

Throughout his career, Eliud Kipchoge has shown that he can cope with all challenges that face him.

  • In London Marathon in April, he thrived unseasonable high temperatures and he won the race.
  • He won in the pouring rain in the 2017 Berlin marathon and claimed victory on the streets of German Capital. Two years earlier he claimed victory on the streets of Berlin despite his insoles coming loose in both shoes and finishing the race with blood-stained feet.




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