the rise of Kalenjin comedy

Comedy has been of the recent past a daily dose. Kalenjins being of no exception has produced a number of hilarious comedians taking social media by storm creating infinite laughter when you watch or see their content.

Being a comedian is not an easy task as many people may see. It involves a lot of work behind the scenes before the actual content ready.

There are a number of Kalenjin comedians namely Propesa, Tula, Brobox, Ambasatas and many more.

Brobox Comedians.

My main focus today is Probox Comedians who have always provided hilarious content. They are a group of Kalenjin comedians who main focus on Kalenjin stories mostly on a daily basis.

Probox Comedians

Probox Comedians

This group of comedians has provided the best comedy ever in the region giving us an alternative happiness in case of boredom.

Below are some of the videos.



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