a cry from ebby chemtai

Self-satisfaction makes life worth living. We live in a world that encompasses a major share of the poor and downtrodden. Each person may have a different need in his/her life. While some yearn for success, some don’t have the most basic amenities such as a shelter or enough food to eat. But that’s not all, some people may be in need of mere affection, those who are longing to see smiles. We are lucky to be living a comfortable life. How good it will be if we try to bring smiles to those sad faces? Generosity is an easily doable exercise. We all must remember one thing that helping others is a blessing in disguise. Because when we help others to grow, we grow in the process too. It adds value and meaning to our lives.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Being healthy is what keeps us going in situations where we get ill we tend not to perform our daily responsibilities as expected of us.

Being ill may not be the big elephant in the society but having access to medication that may not be affordable or exceeding financial capabilities causes an extra pain and anguish. A big number of people in our society tend to lose lives just because they can’t afford their medication and don’t want to leave their loved worst than they need them to be.

Ebby Chemtai Story.

Ebby Chemtai is a student in the Litein Special School For The Deaf, age 14.  She was involved in a road accident in the month of July 2018 and got a spinal injury. She was admitted to Tenwek Mission Hospital and got discharged this month September 2018 with a pending bill of Ksh. 800,000.

The Financial Appeal.

The family of Albert Korir and Litein School For The Hearing Impaired(Deaf) having been overwhelmed by the amount needed to clear the hospital bill, humbly request wellwishers to assist their daughter Ebby Chemtai to clear the bill.

Remember when we come together great things happen. The little amount you got will help Ebby Chemtai settle her hospital bill.

Contribution Accounts.

Equity Bank: 7770168008289

M-pesa: 0708 891 711 

Both to Peter Murimi the committee chairperson.

Please remember us during this time of need and God will reward you abundantly. Your contribution will be highly appreciated . God bless you for your support.

                                                  WITH THANKS FROM THE FAMILY.


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