5 things you can’t-miss in a Kalenjin home

Kalenjin are that kind of preservative people, once they believe in something they can never let go of it so easily. There are many beliefs Kalenjins still preserve to date and can never go against it.

There a good number of things that you can never miss to find in a Kalenjin home. These things are almost common and maybe relates back to history.

Sotonik (calabash).

Calabash (sotet) is a must find commodity in a Kalenjin family. These things are the best fermentation ground for Kalenjin Mursik. They are reserved with the utmost dignity and are usually kept safely.

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This is an ancient pressure cooker for decades. It was used at first for cooking ugali (kimyet) but when sufurias came to existence, its functions were now limited to only making of vegetables and meat. Chebungut works best when preparing meat and traditional vegetables (Kienyeji) and has the best energy saving technology.

Keregut. (Watercooler)

This is the famous fridge among Kalenjins, they cool extra-ordinarily and provides the best cold drinking water one can ever wish to have. Keregushek are no longer found largely since plastic containers came to existence and people molding them becoming a rare service to find.


This is an ancient tool for keeping ugali before being served. They are currently running out of use since the introduction of plates, hot pots, skilled manpower and lack of raw material to make it.

Ugali served in these things was really sweet and work was so minimal cleaning it.

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This the most used thing by Kalenjin people especially when dealing with mursik. This tool is so famous especially for young boys and girls as they wait for the leaking of sosyot.

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