2 main things you have to Mind before you visit a Kalenjin home

Kalenjin are best when it comes to hospitality and research has not yielded any fruits regarding where they got this mysteriously hospitality degrees. Any visitor to a Kalenjin family receives a five-star reception as visitors are accorded to bring blessings upon the family.

There are also a good number of things that one should consider first before paying a visit to a Kalenjin home either as a relative, neighbor or just a stranger.

Things To Consider.


These are Kalenjins secret service where they are involved in day and night guard of the compound. They are well fed to avoid risks of roaming instead of its official duty. Kalenjins are naturally keepers of hunter dogs (ngokik ab loget) which are usually and seem allergic to strangers and people who are not of the inner circle in the family.

Advice: As you approach Kalenjin homes you will obviously see young boys playing (ngetik) you will have to ask them if there are dogs (miten ngokik iiih?) and if there is the ask if they are fierce (golgol ngokik iiiiih?). After you are given an answer you are either marked safe to proceed or ask the dog masters (ngetik) to give you a VIP escort.

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Be Ready To Answer Questions.

Kalenjins are people who like to know more about a visitor when they pay a visit or even when they meet along the road. This is especially when you meet the elderly in the family.

List of questions that may be asked.

  • Iboo anoo? (where do you come from?).
  • Ibor nee? (which is your clan?). This question when old men ask, they seem to know your people and describes your grandfather very well.
  • Imiten sukul anoo?(where do you school?).
  • So kewendi anoo?(where are you heading to?).

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