tips to pinpoint a Kalenjin man from a crowd

It’s usually hard to identify a man from the crowd but it won’t require a lot of expertise to do so when you want to pinpoint a Kalenjin man. In case you need to know the trick to use to identify a Kalenjin man, here are key features to guide you.

1. Height.
At least 8 out of 10 Kalenjins are tall. In case there are 100 people in a crowd, separate short and tall guys, then amongst the tall individuals, use the following tricks to come up with a list of Kalenjins.
2. They don’t close their mouths.
When a Kalenjin man is concentrating on a serious matter, he doesn’t close his mouth. During concentration session, even saliva flows freely from the sides of the mouth.
3. They talk less.
Another way of identifying a Kalenjin man in a crowd is to focus on a man of little words. Kalenjins talk less but move a lot. They usually say “motinye ngal olebo anee” meaning I lack words to say on my side.

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4. Dark. (tueen bichuu)
Rarely would you find a brown Kalenjin man? At least in a crowd of 10 Kalenjin men,9 are black.
5. They fear women. (nyokoren)
A very insignificant number of Kalenjin men would face pretty women. In a group of 10 men and 10 women, you will easily identify a Kalenjin man—he is alone, quiet and distant from women. This is an advent where they start pushing to each for the one to make a call as they “twekyin oooh tyondo uwoon tam ii kaikai”.

6. Cheget.

Kalenjin men are always fond of putting on chegets especially the latest renowned Kalenjin chaget. In a group of ten, 3 of them put on chagets.




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