things to know about a typical Kalenjin man

How about if all of us were humble? Kalenjin our home, konyon nebo kaming’inetabkee

Eliud Kipchoge’s humility and his down to earth nature are typically Kalenjin and African. When asked whether he was going to break the world record, he simply said, “ I will strive to lower my personal best’. He never bragged that he was going to break the marathon record.Kalenjin nature demands that you speak in parables and in a certain manner to confuse ‘suliik”. Had he said,..” I will break the record take it to the bank” things may not have turned out the way they did.
When you have many children, you simply say..”I m blessed’,
When you are planting crops, you say..” nadanganya na mbolea kidogo’
When you have many visitors in your room, you simply say,’ sere koot” or the house is blessed.

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When someone asks for your financial help, you pretend to talk to a child to see if he has.You must never say you have the money,…kany atwekchi lakwa ‘.

When going to withdraw money from a bank, you simply leave home and announce that you are gonna see a friend and will be back soon. You must never mention that you are going to the bank,…naan ager chi eng’ town’
When you are inviting a friend for drinks, you simply call the friend and say…” come I buy you one bottle of (beer)…(nyo  aluun chuboit egenge ooooh”. When the friend arrives, the table immediately becomes “black”(kotuit meset)!

To confuse sullik( evil-eyed people), Kalenjin men with many sons would decide to give the sons different names.  A father may give the sons names like arap Lagat,arap Cheruiyot or arap Kirui to confuse suliik.
When someone is inebriated or drunk at a beer party, you avoid saying he is drunk, but you simply say ‘ameshiba’. Saying he is drunk may endanger his life.

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A poor man is simply ‘light’ or terter and never poor(kibananiat).
Kalenjin nature discourages ‘being the first’ or last, bragging, showing off etc. An old man is seen wearing shoes made of tyre(kinyira) even though he is a millionaire.
In parts of Kalenjin-land, a wealthy farmer will opt to live in a grasses thatched hut but his tractor is kept in a modern store.
Kipchoge has taught that humility is the key to success.


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