4 notable things about Kalenjin moms

Kalenjins moms for a long time have been described with all the sweet words and even rewarded for being the best in all aspects. Kalenjin moms are not just outspoken as the best but Kalenjin men know it and that’s why they always say ” karan lakwet ab kaa weee’.


     1. Caring.

Kalenjin moms are said to have an inbuilt caring ability, they toil and moil to ensure that the family doesn’t pass through challenges and problems in life. They can never let their kids or husbands in a distressed situation, they ever offer a hand of comfort.

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     2. Kind.

Kalenjin moms are sought to being the best in regards to being kind. Kalenjin moms are the most and regarded with the highest degree, you can never get out from a Kalenjin home with an empty stomach.

    3. Loving. 

Mums are generally the best when it comes to love. They can never forsake their children of even husband whatever the conditions. They always thrive to get the best for the family.


     4. Hardworking.

Kalenjin moms when it comes to hard work, they deserve the highest rank in existence. You can never find a mom having problems to feed her family when their land to cultivate. Kalenjin moms are said to have the best small fruitful farms (kabungui) which is ever a good source of daily bread.


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