kalenjins political pact

Kalenjins have in the recent years showed dominance and capabilities to lead and be the best in providing services its electorate. Kalenjins have had a good number of notable leaders with the most recent one being Kenya’s Deputy President. After Kenya attaining its independence from the British, everyone believed that life will change since the white ruler was now out. We believed that we could have the best administration with our own people in the governing council.

Having had a good number of Kalenjin leaders with the highest state power, we expected the best to be done and our livelihoods to change. But all never went as we all wished to be.

Take a look of any Central province constituency.

  1. Does it have tarmac road network? YES
  2. Does it have the best social amenities? (Universities, hospitals) YES

Road network is the most essential thing every community needs, tarmac road is an added advantage for business growth development in any place. Having also access to the best social amenities helps and improve peoples livelihoods.

Kenyan legislators have now a task to choose, work for the people and change the livelihoods of its. Take an example where there was a job score ard, where when a leader they sign along side it and when coming to meet the electorate it makes it easier to pinpoint who really did something.

Kalenjin leaders should reconsider and try to work extra harder to ensure that its electorate get the best of their leadership.

AZ Azar


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