why uniting Kalenjin is of a big essence

United Kalenjin

Unity is where people come together for a greater good. This is where a large group of people focus on one element and ensure that the agenda is achieved no matter what. They say “when we come together great things happen” and for sure a small effort combined becomes a huge effort.

United Kalenjin.

Just imagine when a million plus people come together what a society will achieve, how the needy can be helped. It’s beyond reasonable doubt that being one brings a lot of prosperity that being alone.

Kalenjin being one is of great importance as we promote our culture and make Kalenjin go viral. As United Kalenjin, we remove our selfish needs and focus on a greater good of the society and soldier forward to improve our economic status.


To Unite Kalenjin we need something that brings together all its subtribes, something that can marshal all the youth to come together for a better society as they embrace the culture and our traditions.

Just imagine 4.9 million people coming together for a single purpose? Its success will be something unstoppable. We believe when we come together great things happen.

I propose the introduction of Mr and Miss World Kalenjin which will not only promote unity among Kalenjin subtribes but also promote our culture and traditions. With its introduction, all the subtribes will have participants where they will showcase until a winner is achieved.

I believe that this will bring togetherness and cohesiveness among Kalenjin people.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-06 at 10.57.41


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