what the future kids will miss

Due to technological advancement, sanctions of various commodities such as polythene and improvement of educational facilities, young boys and girls don’t have time to group and play their favorite games. Most of them are enclosed at home and rarely move out which other boys.

Things Future Kids Will Miss.

Plastic balls. (mpiret ab selele)

Platic ball

Plastic ball

The plastic ball is a homemade ball that is made from polythene and strings. This was made in villages where young boys who enjoyed playing football made it using waste polythene bags and strings tied together to make a ball. This was so famous among young boys (ngetik).

The best part of the game is that the owner of the ball had full control of the match and could decide when its a corner, penalty, game over and could choose who could play on his side. When you offend the owner of the ball he could decide that you can’t play the game.


Sling Shot. (Piringas)



Slingshot is a famous hunting among boys. It is made of sisal and nearly every boy had one and had a knowledge of making it. This tool is currently been noticed in use during violent demonstrations.

Mud toys.

Mud Toys

Mud Toys

This was famous among young boys in rural areas since they had no access to modern toys. Boys showed their artistic prowess by designing the best toy which gave the happiness they wanted.

They could make all sorts of things such as toy cars, grafted human e.t.c.


Hunting. (loget)

Boy Hunting

Boy Hunting

Boys had the prowess when it came to hunting birds. They could slingshot, catapults and even throw stones or sticks to kill birds. This was noticed as boys from the village group and start their hunting expeditions and they mostly did it for fun and when they kill something edible it was a lucky day for the crew. A single kill made the whole group happy.

Swimming In the River. (Chepkulo)

African boys playing in a distributary of the River Gambia

African boys playing in a distributary of the River GambiaAfrican boys playing in a distributary of the River Gambia

Young boys were found of playing in the river having fun as they take shower in the cool waters of the rivers.

Today many families deny their children to the river due to risks while other abled families have swimming pools.


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