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Talent is God given and maximizing it is what everyone aims to do and achieve a lot from it. Artists are one of the gifted people who deliver music that soothes one’s heart and makes life a music must life. Perhaps we may just see them successful and having a nice life but without our support, all will be damn in vain. A huge fan base ensures that one’s music reaches all over.

The thing that we don’t know is what happens behind the scenes, their life at the backstage, they may be worrying and fear of music progressing but can never say it in public what may be bothering their private life.

They say “when we come together, great things happen”, that’s why supporting the upcoming artist is the best thing as we nurture the future in the music industry. Artists from the west command a very huge fan base simply because their fans give them support. This I don’t mean giving artist/musicians money but supporting by listening to their music, complementing on their music (“A times you just need someone to say you are doing something great even if you see it as a big task at hand.”) and attending their shows as they help them finance their music.




Sang Kang is an upcoming Kalenjin Secular musician. His passion for music led him to release his first track Sang Kang ft Sniper YOLO. He wanted to be a Dj at first but his passions let him drop to music. So far he has received a lot of compliments from fans and currently commanding a huge fan base.

Go! Go! Sang Kang.



Be sure to watch the video below and leave comments and subscribe.



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