why our mothers lied to us


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Mothers are really powerful and are known to have a high convincing power when it comes to matters family. They are known to times lie so as to keep the family impregnable and avoid problems. Kids were often given perfect lies so as to reduce curiosity among the young generation.

Why Kids Believed That Their Siblings Were Dropped From Aeroplanes.

Mothers are well known being masterminds of kids believes and knowledge in all aspects since they are mostly stuck with the children giving them daily care they need.

Just imagine kids believing that their siblings were dropped from airplanes or found by the roadside. There are many reasons why mothers made this big lie to kids and here is a list of them.

  • To avoid curiosity. Kids especially boys will try to know about things older people hide from them. They will do anything to get to the bottom of it.
  • To minimize questions. Kids are known with high powered questions which may leave one wondering whether they really mean what they ask. Kids are often given stoppers to stop more coming up.
  • To tame behavior among the children.

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