truth about Kalenjin men

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Kalenjin men are kind of a typical group of men with unique and so amazing qualities that woman may be looking in a husband. Kalenjins being well known in long distance running, they also have a prowess of driving a relationship so long in a way that hasn’t been really proven.
Kalenjin men are well known for being generous and are ever willing to spend money on any lady and even her family as they believe expensive is the best. The joke doing the rounds is that if a Kalenjin man takes a lady shopping, he will beseech her to select the most expensive dress in the shop.
They are also said to be very cold and remote. They always manage to look vague when so much is happening around them. But this does not hinder them from the desire to date classy women.
Kalenjin men have a well know dressing code and some when seen in Nairobi you hear people say “huyo ni mkaleee”. Kalenjin men are well known for sport-shoes lovers worn with material trouser.
It is said that Kalenjin men have misplaced priorities. They will build a stone house for the combined harvester and the cows and surround their homes with beautiful fences while their house is grass-thatched and mud-walled. Kalenjin men do not carry their wives to town. They leave them in the rural home to look after the shamba. Kaunda suits, preferably a maroon one and a cardigan is worn with a suit is a must-have for any self-respecting Kalenjin man. Men from the Kipsigis sub-tribe are reputed to be quite handsome.
Kalenjin men are also known to taking opportunities as they arise. They never leave any stone unturned.
The best thing about Kalenjin men is that they never leave their family without something on their table, they toil and moil, hustle, and job available to make ends meet.
If need to be reminded, Kalenjin men are natural athletes, they never fail and never will they, they run the world.
Go! Go! Kalenjin.
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