4 bad habits that were common among Kalenjin men

We are known to be the most down to earth people in Kenya. I mean look at our athletes raking in millions of dollars from their track and road exploits around the globe! You don’t even see a single one of them bragging about it.

Yet, underneath the veneer of humility lurks habits that you would frown upon. Based on our socialization some of these habits grew, and perhaps got outpaced by ‘civilization.’

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Treating women like children.

Sometimes back in college during a culture class, a lady from another tribe asked me why we supposedly do not recognize women. She specifically gave a story where someone visits a home and asks if anybody was home despite the fact that he was talking to the wife of the homestead. It is common to get a response such as ‘nobody is home, its only mother.’

Leaving wives in the village.

It is a common practice where men leave their wives in the village and come to hustle in the city. If the wife works, then she will tag along with the husband to the city. Otherwise, she stays in the village to till the land, and he visits on weekends he finds appropriate. It is a habit common among members of the disciplined forces from the community.

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Soliciting for money from individuals.

It borders on what can be termed as begging but it isn’t. There are individuals who simply can’t live without soliciting money from anyone who seems to have come from the city. Worse still is at drinking dens where some lay as if in ambush for some life-saving prey.

Drinking alcohol.

It might be common everywhere but there are some men in Rift Valley who simply cannot function without taking a sip. All their money goes to alcohol, to a point where they neglect their children. It then becomes the role of the woman to take care of the children and to even the man of the house.

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