3 things you can never miss in a Kalenjin wedding



Kalenjin weddings in the past were so typical, they were full of extra fun and extraordinary crowds just turning up to witness the union. Weddings were made uniting sports as people all over the village came to feast as they match up the couples starting their life together.

These days, due to the advancement of technology and living in tax regime era, many Kalenjins have opted to have private weddings so as to reduce cost or even control the number of in attendance as invited ones are only allowed in. Unlike back in the village, the society wants everyone attending, they will even skip lunch at their homes and move in with the whole family to take lunch at the wedding venue.

There are a number of things you can’t miss in a Kalenjin wedding which I will list them.

Young Boys.

Back in the village, young boys (ngetik) are the first package you can never miss in a wedding. They often report early to the wedding, take lunch then wait for that moment, when the wedding cake is being fed to the public so that they cant be left behind they stay in front. Young boys are known for clean up as they collect balloons before, during and even after the wedding.

Life Starter pack.

In a Kalenjin wedding, you can never miss presents which mostly relate to our daily life. Goodies that make life a bit simpler to the married couples are a must bring as grandmas, mothers and even family members give first priority when buying them. You will be amazed that your house on day one. What a marvelous Kalenjin people.


Kalenjin wedding isn’t complete without some animal slaughtered. Kalenjins preserve happiness and ensure that on the big day they celebrate to the fullest. The best thing is that not all the meat slaughtered is prepared, a portion is retained for the remaining guests.

Kapketwony is ever kept special as they are they accepted their daughter for a hand in marriage.



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