Gideon Moi urged to stand over 2022 ambitions

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Rift valley politics have been shifting from one side to another as local leaders try to look for greener political pastures and also maintain their political career. With Kalenjin politicians leaving their selfish needs and helping one leader may make William Ruto’s ambition being president come 2022 true.

Samson cherargei senator Nandi and bureti legislator Japhet Mutai being William Rutos die-hards pledged that Rift valley people are compact in supporting William Ruto’s bid come 2022.

They pledged that they will mobilize residents of the Rift valley in backing William Ruto.

“The Rift Valley people know Ruto is our leader. Others are non-starters. At the moment, Ruto is closest to the power,” Mutai in Kericho town on Saturday according to the star.

japhet Mutai said that those forming alliances to scuttle William Ruto’s bid for office will never at all succeed. He also assured that William Ruto will surely be the next president.

Nandi senator cherargei termed Gideon Moi a spoiler and Ruto the front-runner and he cannot compete with Kalenjin Kingpin.



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