Big blow to kipsigis Circumcision “setiot plant”

The Setiot plant takes 8 to 10 years to grow and flower. The flowering takes 3 years, and flower once and die. Initiation ceremonies are said to have never taken place in the second year after the flowering of Setiot. The plant was associated with bad omens of illness and death of the old this is why Kipsigis took a very long time to circumcise upon their migration to their present country because of flowering of setiot,circumcision was delayed for long, that is why sometimes the first Kipsigis to be circumcised was called Kugo in mt Londiani locally called tulwap kipsigis or tulwap monyis or tulwap ngetik or tulwap lagok, actually circumcision started beyond that mountain . Usually, ceremonies were postponed till the plant was in flowers. Our ancestors all over Kalenjin land used to regulate circumcision, age sets calendar and change of guard between the age sets, hence as it flowers all circumcision of new candidates was halted to allow the young initiates (bogototik) who have been waiting to form the next army to take over.

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It is going to be a big blow to Kipsigis culture in any  year when the SETIOT PLANT flowered  it is always believed that parents who would like to circumcise their boys on the year that SETIOT plant flowered since the bad omen the Kalenjin elders converge a d Traced, case the BAD OMEN SETIOT has flowered in the sides of TINET This year 2018

This flower is so dangerous that in an event one disregards and circumcise their boys the boys will be faced with lots of problems in their entire life.

Now you know.

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