Why Kalenjin men are ever rooted in marrying Kalenjin women

Kalenjin people are typical, they are times so choosy when it comes to selecting a life partner as they ever never want to avoid mistakes. Kalenjin people have been ever rooted in marrying, mostly from their backyard which has been praised for many years.

You find a campus student graduates get a job and back home to marry a Kalenjin woman. Kalenjins have numerous beliefs and things that attach them mostly to home. Many Kalenjin people rarely stay in the city even after graduation, they root back to the village to either start a business or do anything that can help him financially.

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A girl from home

Many Kalenjin parents usually advocate bringing home a girl who is of good deeds and never linked to any bad deeds. Having a good family usually is of priority to any Kalenjin parent and any step mistake by their children will root back into the whole family.

kalenjins usually advocating having their children marrying people whose family is known and they know very well about their past and even anything that happened in that family. They don’t like their sons suffering because of negligence.

To avoid speaking English

Kalenjin people back to their roots are well known to never speak English since many people term it as “anajifanya sana na kiingereza” (yoekee neaa lee ngalale ngereza anyy). Back home many Kalenjin men decide to marry other tribes so as to avoid speaking English but only use the local dialect (Kalee).

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