Inetkee Kalewenoik ab Kalenjin

1. Aechin iwot ak kemei

Flood and drought seasons have canceling effects.
2. Ame chi tugul kitab kuiyandanyin

A person must enjoy the fruit of his sweat and toil
3. Ameiiku kiptoben kuto 

Be always be quick to exploit any available opportunity to avoid future requests
4. Aechin kibananoi ak kipkunyuk

All proffesions are of equal importance in society
5. Chepkisas ko tatun kechome 

The despised one will be liked later
6. Kiseten tai ak katam 

Try all means to ensure that you achieved what you want
7. Amat korobon ole imi 

Be vigilant and work hard so that your position is not threatened
8. Mabenen bei tororot 

Suffering is not everlasting, therefore one should never despair.
9. Kibegune nyakan ter 

Correct situation earlier to ensure success.
10. Nyokor konda 

Never make anything to be difficult before trying
11. Bitos suswek en olekokiyengyi aran 

People in a place where good things are shared always benefit.
12. Chu kibo chepitoch amolin, amoli 

donot be faik of all trade and a maste of none.
13. Kerge kapkoulyo ak kakimori 

selfish people are not any better than generous people.
14. Kibire mat koloo 

Solve your problems when there is still time
15. Kibendi ban chepkokoch

It is good to be slow and sure in approach to life.
16. Kibendi mutyo mochei kel 

Humility is a good virtue in life
17. Kerge tich en akwot

Good things have the same value everywhere.
18. Kiamei ngui kotagai kengetji olemi bany

saying of advising the poor man to work hard and be patient until he becomes rich and be in a position to afford good things.
19. Kigongen met batalamtagat/sugulum nebo ei

A thousand miles starts with a single step. Simple man needs to be patient for prosperity
20. Kigeito cheim boa ran kotatun koyam boriet ak oret

A wise man can develop his small resources until they will be enough to benefit his fellow men.
21. Maechin ainosiek 

Peoples resources are never equal.
22. Mabenyege bondet ak muren

saying quoted of the most effective medicine for treating a particular disease.

Source.Koskey Kiprono

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