Why current kids play is more tech-induced

Sunny Village a glowing place where kids like playing around grouping themselves in units according to age groups having fun and keeping happiness at their best level possible. Kalenjins kids in the past enjoyed one of the best and one of the cheapest ways of having fun. Kids are very well known to be the happiest among any group of people since they have not been encroached by matters worth life and expectations from them in matters family is a concern.


These days kid having fun have become somewhat expensive and more tech involved since many kids may require modern toys and even modern entertainment gadgets. Unlike some years ago, kids were so innovative as they made their own toys from Clay and even plastics. These products were never sold since they could be obtained for free. These days kid are bought bicycles which were only reserved for the rich in the past since they could afford it.

Schools improvement

In the past schools were so far which made kids tracking for long distances to school which made the kids group and play on their way to school. These days schools are everywhere and kids just move to the neighborhood to get to school.

These days without, money kids may not have enough fun as they may need. with current technological advancement, future kids play will be literally bought.


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