What a real Kalenjin can never leave behind

Kalenjins are amazing people, they are ever rooted in doing to almost the same thing. being Kalenjin is fun as many things have been rooted back to us from even Olympics where we have shown prowess by bringing a lot to our homeland Kenya. From the famous cheget to sports shoes but we have thrived so well and made it to our advantage. Kalenjins in the city can be sported so easily due to some kind of mechanism employed by other tribes.

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Kalenjins have been noted to have things that they can’t move without when moving to city or even when going somewhere they would stay for some time. Kalenjin people are found of these things and some can’t do without them or even so uncomfortable.

Scratcher (sabuka)

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Scratcher is a tool used when bathing so as to help scarp dirt out of the skin. Kalenjin people are very fond of this tool as it is one of the necessity when observing cleanliness and hygiene maintenance. I being included I have been carrying this thing wherever I go as we Kalenjins never bath using cloths or even socks as we term it a waste of time. Kalenjins normally term it by saying “kowoshi nebo wikit weee” .  one of the things that co-exist together is the “sakasakyet” which is normally used to clean legs and remove cracks.

scracher (sabuka)

scratcher (sabuka)

Bag of maize
This is food and when you see a Kalenjin moving to school or to the city without maize(pandek) that person must well off and even don’t like carrying goodies to town. Kalenjin are fond of this, even me I can’t do without, this is because we like reducing cost and also maintain the ugali nature we get at home leave alone this town ugali that looks so white. We really hate it.
Sport shoes
This is one of the starter packs among Kalenjin people. This is what most of us especially me cannot do without. Kalenjins are believed to ever be on the run that is why they are ever fond of this shoe.
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