4 funny and sarcastic and funny comments campus guys make in reference to beautiful ladies

If our parents ever got wind of what we do in campus, they’d definitely recall us back to herd cattle back in the village. For instance, on our idle time, which we royally cherish, we’d lay wagers on who would jump from the fourth floor and not hurt themselves, for a million shillings.

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Of course, no one did jump not because they were afraid to break their limbs but because the million shillings could not be availed. And that’s how we devoted our attention to ladies, where we make endlessly sarcastic jokes about their beauty (word used in reference to their posterior endowments).

Some of the sarcastic jokes are:

Look at her! That one you have to brush your teeth to call her

This joke was often directed to those ladies we perceived to be too high handed and would be caught dead dating someone whose primary school was a church, and a polling station. Nevertheless, it was a joke that appreciated her beauty.

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The ones that your father would approve if you squander fees on

If you take her to your father and tell him you squandered your fee on her, he’d sell land and give the money to you and say ‘congratulation son.’ The joke was made in reference to a really classy lady, a crush of sorts that would make you do anything just to win her.

If she were a unit, I’d get a distinction

Talk about climbing mountains and swimming through rivers infested with crocodiles. Yes. There were those ladies that made you attend classes you’d normally not attend just to be around her or please her, whichever you need. Just to score a distinction and get a valediction from her heart.

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I wash my hands before liking her picture

It is incredibly funny how far a man can go to describe a lady of his dreams or a crush. As if she sees which hands were dirty when they liked her picture like there’s a way that red heart that pops has traces of disease-causing germs that she alone can see.

With this, it is all in the best interests. We do not intend to demean or the ladies on low esteem. They are beautiful each in their own unique way.

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