Get to know Patoto pa Sweetstar – Kalenjin Inside

Sweetstar Michael Aron

Kalenjin music has been in the recent been exceptional with the tune and modern dance brought in Sweetstar, it has really dawned to us that we really have the best artist. take a look at his latest release Bujubuju audio its really amazing song to listen to. Sweetstar is an amazing Kalenjin artist and I always keep tabs on his music.

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Sweetstar Michael Aron will be performing at Kalenjin Comedy Launch at Cabanas Park Nairobi be sure to grab your tickets and watch this great Kalenjin talent perform.

Gudos Sweetstar Michael Aron.

Sweetstar Michael Aron

Sweetstar Michael Aron

Get to know Sweetstar

Name: Aron Cheruiyot Rotich

Art name: Sweetstar

Facebook: Sweetstar Michael Aron

Born: 9th June 1992

Home: Bomet

M. Status: married

Clan: mocho

Hobbies: singing, hanging out with friends, and watching movies

Listen to his latest Buju Buju audio below;


4 thoughts on “Get to know Patoto pa Sweetstar – Kalenjin Inside

  1. Aron is a kalenjin hero artist whom we love so much and we can not get bored by his good songs with good messages to all youths,i like him so much coz he loves his fans from west to east north to South, i pray God to continue giving him strength,courage and protect him from haters.gogogo batoto we are with you.

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