Why hugs go for free in campus but relationships cost

Hugs For Free

They ease your fears, decrease stress and are good for your heart. What’s better than a hug – particularly when it’s free?

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Hugs!Hugs! these are things on the campus that are almost given out every minute, when that bestie and their BFF meet, take a look that long hug, that warm hug, that feeling on keeping a close look to that girl, isn’t it so amazing? There is a talk going crazy out there saying “hugs to save lives” which is indeed something everyone in town or campus have been craving for many years. Just have a hug, take that hug, receive that hug coz it will never cost a penny but build love and cohesion I tell you. As part of the brothers family, I support hugs to save lives coz times gives us comfort as we take that minute rest.

Being in the village may be a time annoying since you can’t go on hugging just because you will hear people say “kokobet anyy weee torochotekee akk kiptoik” meaning you are just going out hugging with men. Hugs in the village are mostly reserved for women who want to knock each other back as a show of missing that person and when men have been a part for a long time, they have that very strong hug particularyly testing how the other one has been and you will hear them say “koiam nee ooooh chemoket akk koikikitu neaa” meaning what have you been eating brother you are so strong.

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The campus really brought us a revolution we can never leave without. Just imagine moving about with a girl so closely but with no intimacy at all. Isn’t that crazy? isn’t that the way people will look at it in the village? Take a look, having a date on campus is times expensive if you can’t tame your relationship and reduce spending but no being too much stingy. Giving what you can and avoid foolish competition with sponsors.

Relationships in the campus at some point is a bit demanding, but the problem is bigger when you date your own classmate, that’s just another unit added on top of what you are studying. Isn’t that annoying? So bad is it? Unless you know how to handle it then you must be a guru. In campus, there are Fridays that mostly demand an outing or even bash that leaves you with hangovers over weekends as a weekday approach. The campus really drives people crazy, you live with your girlfriend, just a marriage in waiting or even expectancy by the window while you still dip inside your father’s pockets for money. How bad is that?

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