How to win a Kalenjin girl

Magline Cheruto

Magline Cheruto

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Kalenjin beauties have been noted worldwide after they have emerged as models in many different categories. If you don’t know of Magline Jeruto then i will tell some bits of her. Magline Jeruto was crowned Miss World Kenya on September 15th, 2017, where she was also the reigning Miss Elgeyo Marakwet county. Her beauty was substantial as she made all the way to finals which went down in Sanya, China.

This has shown that Kalenjin ladies have an irresistible beauty and character that anyone can never deny having one for a life partner. Kalenjins are charming and when you take of them in a manner they like then surely you won’t go without that heart of a queen yours forever.

Be honest

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Kalenjin chics are so much deep into you once they give a choice and never parts with. kalenjin ladies like being truthful and never give a damn lie.

Don’t brag

A real Kalenjin woman will never see what you have to tag along with you. If you are sensible enough then leave aside what you have, they like growing with you in terms of money and anything sensible.

Be serious

kalenjin ladies feel dishonored when they realize that you are just a bang and move guy. They won’t hesitate to part with something that may not make sense or add value to their life. Tag along with and be serious in matters relationship.

Always dare to marry them

Kalenjins ladies preserve marriage as something great in life, marriage is something anyone single want to be. Tell a Kalenjin lady you will marry them and you hear them say ‘kanyy atar sugul korong sikebe’ meaning wait I conclude my studies then we move on.

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Never be idle

 Kalenjin ladies hate idle guys, get something to do if you want that girl to believe that you manage that family. Don’t be a eat sleep thing be a do and do and she won’t get away. they fear to be the sole provider or the family.

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