Why Kalenjin men rarely negotiate

Are you a proud Kalenjin? Then you must have been in this situation. Kalenjin people are well known with prowess in athletics and them enrolling in every local race until recently other tribes start complaining that they should just be involved in international races and leave for them these local marathons. They are still revisiting that issue.

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kalenjin men are really very unique when it comes to them doing things and even when it comes to buying products they rarely negotiate. In Kalenjin when you negotiate too much you are told “koiiku kokoyot anyy akinye” meaning you have become a Kikuyu due to their love for money.

Kalenjin men when they go to a shop, they want to exactly buy with what they have and when the price is too high they even ask if people are buying that product. They usually exclaim high prices on things they ought to be cheaper and leaves that product.

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They don’t negotiate because

Too much asked for. When a Kalenjin feels that too much has been asked for a product they just leave it because they will surely not add the remaining amount.

Avoid wasting time.  Kalenjins are ever believed to be ever on the run and ever hate time wasting. a Kalenjin man can never negotiate a product that is overpriced.

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