Why you should not miss Kalenjin Comedy launch

Brobox Comedy Launch

Brobox Comedy Launch

Kalenjin comedy has been on the rise after the radio queen Obot Anderson (Caroline Chepngeno) and Kwandab Anderson (Olchore) tickling listeners of a local Kalenjin radio station. ObotAnderson in her radio skit acts as an opinionated Kalenjin village woman who often clashes with her chauvinistic husband. They could spirit arguments on a number of issues which led everyone tuning in to just listen to their rib cracking jokes.

This was probably the start of Kalenjin comedy and many more started rooting in, giving hilarious content one after another making their fans keep tabs on every joke they make. Now we have a launch, one in history one of the first stand up comedy made for Kalenjin people. Recently a famous comical show Churchill show has been noted to have a good number of Kalenjin comedians which reveals progress among Kalenjin people.

Now we are approaching Kalenjin Comedy launch which will be hosted on 16 November 2018. This is a must go Launch, every Kalenjin who may have that opportunity should garb a date at Cabanas Park.

Why you should not miss

Just imagine having on stage these hilarious Kalenjin comedians, the likes of Wambilianga, Propesa, ken mercy, and many more performing. You can’t afford to miss Kalenjin history in making. Not to forget our best Kalenjin musicians the likes of Sweetstar,  Fay Tall, Mika Maritim; what a mad fun out there in waiting.  Just grab your tickets and be there on 16 Nov 2018 as they say Maaat Oooh bebiyot. Let’s fill Cabanas park.

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