People In China, don’t die!! – Video

Where people don't die | Nas Daily

Where people don’t die | Nas Daily

Nas Daily have been posting minute videos daily that have been motivating a lot of people and also encouraging in our own endeavors. Take a look at us, Kalenjin people, Kenyan people and even the whole world we take old age as relief and we all no longer work or even walk around, we just sleep there and wait for death. But why do we do this? why should we change our daily routine due to age?

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This is a wake-up call. In China according to Nas Daily, he was inspired by the seniors working out every day and every night. He has felt and seen far too many people in their 50s who have given up on life….even when they have 20 more years to live.

They are dead, even when they are still alive.

This is why this video is important. This is why he teared up while filming this video – it connects to him personally, and he hopes it connects to you personally.

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