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Kalenjin people have been advancing time to having a prowess of keeping pets cows and anything that lives in their household. Visit a Kalenjin family, you can never miss finding a dog, a cat, a cow, chickens, sheep, and even goats.  With this attribute of keeping all these animlas, they have developed a great animal-human language which even times animals don’t understand it but they just keep saying.

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Just wait, that minute, that very moment a cow moves out from the heard and into some restricted places utaskia “eyee berber tanyii mokosto, abarin raa weee koroi koleingo chuut yoon” meaning this cow is foolish, I will punish you today who told you to go a stary. Just as you approach the cow, it feels it has done a mistake, it takes a huge munch on anything around as it retreats.

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Kalenjin power to speak to animals times is just manifested when ones feel annoyed on how that animal behaves or even when one is stressed. When a Kalenjin puts food on a cat bowl and the cat doesn’t have any interest in the food and keeps on meowing, a real kalenjin will feel annoyed and even have the guts to say “ak kwonge koroi abaee anyokotechon koraa arame korr osinye” meaning ” am feeding this cat and still comes and makes noise I will slap it”. kalenjins talk to anything even if that thing doest listen. Name them in the comments tab.

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