Design every Kalenjin home never fails to have

Traditional Cooking Place

Traditional Cooking Place

Design! Design! Design! This is something that has been embedded in everyone as they go on with there day to day activities. Everyone likes to look classy and different from other people, they just want to be unique and exemplary. Kalenjin designers in the past were self-taught, using anything at hand to come up with something that is adorable using available resources.

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The traditional cooking place is one of the design you can never miss in a Kalenjin home. Its architecture is exceptional as village engineers who are normally ladies like producing what can sell their service when a visitor pays a visit to the other. Molded from clay, sand, and water to mix this fireplace is so exceptional in a lot of aspects.

Visit any Kalenjin home, if you don’t find this then they must have not found a good designer or not even there at all. These cooking places are so created since it saves energy as you can multitask by cooking ugali on one side and on the other end having vegetables and even tea cooking. Just imagine all that task at the same time using the same amount of firewood. Isn’t it amazing? Me personally I credit since at home we use this.

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This cooking place is normally accompanied by a perfect seat made from the same components giving comfort when making something for the family. I appreciate this design and please whoever still have this knowledge teach the younger generation so as to keep our original fireplace intact for years.

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