Why I started blogging

I have been focusing a lot lately since I started blogging. Why I share so much of what I think on the internet with a lot of people who I didn’t really know. Why do I just start thinking of having Kalenjin stories, culture and matters Kalenjin come to my, mind everytime I open my editor tab? I guess a simple answer is “because I am a proud Kalenjin”, but let’s just dive deeper.

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Now if you read some of my blog posts you would just get to know that I write mostly Kalenjin stories, promoting Kalenjin content and just trying to venture deeply and have Kalenjin stories go viral. Blogging is not that easy as you can never have a break since content must be updated daily so as to maintain your readers and also pass out information that may be so important to.

Reasons why I started blogging and why you should;

Why I Started Blogging

Why I Started Blogging

Have Knowledge to share

You may never realize it but you are definitely an expert in something so just share that knowledge. tell people what you feel you are an expert in, just share it someone out there is looking for that knowledge you are keeping in yourself. I  have a passion for Kalenjin stories, anything trending and promoting Kalenjin people that’s why I started this blog.

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Help Other People

Helping others is the most amazing thing I do whether through sharing my expertise, experience, stories that other people can benefit from and even lead them to develop better websites and articles than I do. I believe in growing with everyone, and always passionate to help other people achieve. If I know what company provide quality products better than another then I will share since it will help someone out there.

Writing passion

Never think that best websites with quality content started there, they developed with time. I have a passion for writing and I feel like doing all the time that’s why I started my blog. If you love to write then put it to good use and start a blog by even using free software.

Help you learn a lot

My love for learning has never stopped as there is a lot to learn about blogging if you are passionate about it. You can also just blog but if you can’t get enough of new ideas you should start blogging as there is also a new thing to learn in blogging.

It pays to blog

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Blogging is awesome if you have a lot of readers coming back to your blog every day to read your content. There is a way you can convert your readers to generate revenue by displaying ads on your blog. You will see someone say I made “$20,198 in a month!! It’s pretty possible to make more than that if you use the right techniques, a high number of views and even quality content. Earning potential in blogging is purely dependant on you and the work you are putting in.

Building a career out of blogging

If you are ever dreaming of working from home the blogging can make your dream a reality. It works for a lot of people since with blogging you can literally work from anywhere anytime and make a robust revenue out of it.

Thank you for reading my article it empowers me as a writer. If you have suggestions or an article you want to be published kindly contact us via the submissions page. Please leave your comments and subscribe to this blog. #thanks

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