Top 5 effective ways to fight stage fright

Top 5 effective ways to fight stage fright

Top 5 effective ways to fight stage fright

Fear for public speaking has been a terror to many as they lack the courage to speak in front of many people listening. Me being of no exception I have had many occasions where I move behind so as to avoid being pinpointed to speak or even say a word. Today was a similar day, being among the congregation in the church service, the pastor taking the sermon asked a quiz to the congregation, worst for me, I was at a corner where I could be pinpointed automatically which indeed what was done. I could not heed the call since I had no courage to speak. I immediately paid a courtesy call to my friend google for some leakage that might help. But found nothing substantial too long scripts that could take time to read.

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Apart from me, I know there are a lot of people out there who have the same fear as I do and I have dedicated this article to them. I will list some practical approaches when dealing with the fear of public speaking.

Practical Approaches to Deal with Fear of Public Speaking

My love to love speaking in public has been a distant goal since I came through this breakthrough approaches. Here are some “quick fixes I used”  that you can apply even more practically when stage fright comes to call.

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#1 Greet your audience and smile

one of the most used and effective ways to curb stage fright is to feel like you have a relationship with your audience thus reduces your anxiety. Have the best introduction to your speech so as to attract your audience. take your time and let the audience know that you are really enjoying standing in front of them

#2 Get your head in the right place

Anxiety is what has made a lot of stage-frightened. being on stage you should put yourself in your audience shoes and think about what they are hoping to get from your presentation thus you be in the right position as that of your audience.

#3 Talk don’t present

Just imagine you are talking with your friend, how courageous you are talking to them. A presentation is also no way different from that since you are also talking to some people but with mind configuring that you are delivering a speech.

#4 Dress well

Many people fear to speak in front of people since they have dressed well but don5t believe so. They think that maybe their clothes are not clean enough, or his trouser rugged and don’t want to be infringed. So before you go on stage dress well and believe in yourself, you are greater than you think.

#4 Stand straight and open up your chest

When speaking to an audience your posture matters a lot in terms of confidence and whether you look like a leader. Posture has been a neglected body language for some time now. Drop your shoulders to their natural position and chest forward as it will help you look and feel confident.

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