Another huge task ahead for Team Propesa

Retweets! Retweet! Retweets! Is what am sure is ringing on team propesa’s with iPhone X up for grab if they get 104,999 retweets on the Jumia’s tweet. This amounts to the cost of iPhone X on Jumia. iPhone X specifications can make anyone dare to reach that but even to reach half of that will be a very hard job, which needs some people like Vera Sidika to post about it to just get 31k retweets in just some minutes.

I think we should do something, show solidarity, even though when we retweet we get nothing out of it, let’s just make this free goodie go to someone out there. Since November 19 Monday, the tweet has been retweeted 895 times leaving a deficit of 104,104 retweet.

Propesa, iPhone X inakam home.

Retweet using the link below.

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