Maize Scandal: DPS enemies use maize scandal to gain fame

MPs Silas Tiren, Alfred Keter and Joshua Kuttuny address the press after meeting farmers. /COURTESY

MPs Silas Tiren, Alfred Keter and Joshua Kuttuny address the press after meeting farmers. /COURTESY

William Ruto’s bid for presidency come 2022 have been received so badly by many leaders who due to their selfish needs of several leaders who want too to clinch state house mantle or just want to be spoilers. Jubilee leaders who spoke to the media at Parliament buildings said that Alfred Keter, Joshua Kuttuny and Silas Tiren were cheap and hired to ruin William Rutos name. They also said that the three MPs against William Ruto have never given solutions for suffering maize farmers in the North Rift yet they go on fluttering that William is to be blamed.

“We know political distractors of the Deputy President have failed to contain him. Now they are resorting to cheap tactics. They are roaming about trying to slow him down to create an impression that he is having a problem. That is far from the truth,” Soy MP Caleb Kositany said according to the star.

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Endebes MP Robert Pukose and Kericho senator Aaron Cheruiyot also pitied the three lawmakers for calling for investigations against DP Ruto over the maize scandals in the country which have been talking twists over time. Maize crisis in Kenya can only be solved if farmers problems are addressed with seriousness.

“We know their masters and we will soon name them. They pretend to be messiahs for the farmers yet they don’t address their issues on the floor of the House,” said Kericho senator.

The three legislators who wanted Ruto to be blamed claimed that the DP  has a 500,000 farm in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They also claimed that Ruto was positioning himself to be the main maize supplier to the scandal-prone National Cereals and Produce Board by discouraging farmers to seek another alternative for maize farming with even starting avocado planting which farmers deeply denied.

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“You can’t be telling us to plant avocados, plant macadamia but you are not telling us what happened to maize…Now you have gone even to Congo. You are growing 500,000 acres of maize,” said Keter without producing any evidence to back his claims according to the star.


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