What separates William Ruto from his rivals

William Ruto Meet The People Tour(Courtesy)

William Ruto Meet The People Tour(Courtesy)

Politics has been a game, just like cards you have to be careful on how you play or you will lose. Kenya’s politics have been for a long time been driven by individuals who know how the nation can be driven. William Ruto for a long time has had a very successful political career since he has never lost an election ever since.

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Anti-Dp leaders have been working day and night only to find out that he is becoming unshakeable even more as their plans backfire. DP William Ruto has of late been transversing the country launching projects here and there causing sleepless nights for his rivals. Many people have been wondering where he gets the money he ever donates to churches every time he is invited for a fund drive.


William Ruto is focussed, unlike his rivals who move from corner to corner backing out the same thing to media, he just let them to.

Secured politically

DP William Ruto is an almost secure politician, what he has done just speaks for itself and can never be compared from what his rivals have done compared. Leaving aside what his rivals who day in day out trying to make his good deeds tainted.

Citizen focussed

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If you see what William Ruto does then you will agree with this. If you compare his rivals with DP you will note that most of them just want to be famous and maybe come 2022 they will have a say, which they will not. Dp even with rivals going out speaking against him he just goes on launching projects and meeting the people.

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