Why Isaac Ruto might be Bomet Governor 2022

DP Ruto and Isaac have a chat (photo courtesy)

DP Ruto and Isaac have a chat (photo courtesy)

Issac Ruto after being defeated in the last general election, he accepted the defeat, never went to Court to even challenge the process. He made even a pledge to support the reigning Madam Governor after she trashed him so badly, what a shame? Many people thought. The reigning mama county, Hon Joyce Korir was so vibrant in cleansing Isaac Ruto for being defeated by a woman as she strongly urged that a white goat should be slaughtered so as being accepted back in the society.

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Isaac Ruto with all these flatter just kept silent, just took time at his home, probably to recover from the defeat and hard campaign times he underwent. But as they say usione simba amenyeshewa usidhani ni paka this say works so well and means a lot. After being defeated, Isaac Ruto retraced his steps, accepted Joyce Laboso as governor, pledged to support her and even went a step to dumping his coalition government, NASA. This was a bold move and was welcomed well by the deputy party leader Hon William Ruto.

After handing over power he told the public he is now going to the village and farm on his farm in tumoi. Fruits of his job at home have been realized after he was awarded the best farmer at KCC delivering more than 3,000 liters on daily basis.

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Isaac Ruto is seen as having ambitions of reclaiming back what was taken from him, he has not engaged politically and has given time people to realize what he delivered and what the new governor will deliver. Isaac Ruto have been missed by many even the current top leaders regret for working against him as his vibrant nature is much-needed. Come 2022 all will be seen in a clear picture.


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