Four fears I experienced before I started blogging



Blogging! Blogging! This is what was in my mind just after I started using free blogging software blogger. I was introduced to this site by a friend who was too far better than me, in content writing and almost everything. That time I had just learned that blogging pays, with some simple tricks and expertise you could make good cash out of it. By displaying Ads, I was told was another popular way that could be used to generate income which becomes a passive income if only you be consistent I was told.

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What was in my mind at that time was making money, I thought it could be fast if I just drove good traffic into my blog, with numerous friends I got, I was sure to succeed anyway. I wanted quick money which I was wrong, blogging is no place for quick rich schemes, it requires patience and efforts.

Fears I experienced before blogging was making me nervous whether to kick off or just back off blogging.

Check the list below;

#1. Who will be interested in what I post?

Seeking my audience was my first problem, I thought who will be my audience, what do my audience want, what is their desire? Keeping your readers come back to your blog more often to read your content isn’t that easy. In blogging knowing your audience more is the first priority you should take.

#2. Which topic will I take?

Picking a topic and a blogging idea is so hard if you are new to blogging world and maybe you are picking what you totally know nothing about. The first thing was, I will start a news blog, which I later came to realize it needed an all-time update so as to maintain your readers.

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#3. Will my content be interesting?

As I started blogging, creating good and quality content was a problem. Thinking of even an idea to blog became a nightmare, I started scrapping other peoples websites for ideas and probably copy some. I had to work a lot so as to maintain the content flow.

#4. Will I be consistent?

Consistency is the key to building a great blog as your readers need to know what to expect and when to get it. Your readers never care when you write an apology for not posting consistently and some even will have ceased to be your readers.


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