Top 5 reasons why women love men in dreadlocks



Dreadlocks! This has been a weapon that has been used by guys who don’t fancy them to either snatch or even just friend your girl. Sometimes back my friend was out with his girlfriend, as they were maneuvering around they passed a guy with dreadlocks; it switched the girl’s attention totally. She started conversing how she liked dreadlocks, how they look nice in a man and even to an extent of suggesting them to his guy.

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Today’s society is more accepting unlike before where dreadlocks were said to be of bad people or even gangsters. This has allowed men to even braid their hair without raising any concern from parents. These days you can work into an office only to find your boss formally dressed and on dreadlocks

There are several reasons why women date and get into relationships with ‘locks’. Some of the reasons are;


Women ever feel excited and secure when they are with a masculine man on their side. It turns some on and even to an extent of just falling in love with these guys. Tattoos and height have also been on the spot for ladies. Locks have found a place where ladies also see them as manly.

The bad boy look

These days girls like associating with bad boys, who can dare do anything. Unlike sometimes back many men who were on dreadlocks were associated with bad boy stuff which women fall for a lot. According to some women, being with a bad boy, perceived or real, is fun and confident moving out with that man.

Hair products can be shared

Its fun sharing, isn’t it? Just imagine sharing that hair food, that hair lotion, that shampoo with your guy. Its just fun as you feel much closer and intimate together. You just talk of hairstyles, hair stuff and has all the time for you.

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He understands the hustle

If you are dating a guy whose hair care only entails going to the barbershop once a month may just question you what you have been doing in the saloon for all those hours. They may try to understand you but to them, spending precious time on hair is totally unheard of.  A man who keeps his locks, however, will always know your pain and is supportive whenever it comes to salon maters.

Dreads are attractive

Most ladies have admitted falling over men with dreadlocks as it adds some kind of daring look. You want to go out with a man who turns heads just by a show of his face. When well maintained, dreadlocks gives your man style and some level of masculinity that you just can’t resist.


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