Why you never trust your Bae’s BFF’S



Relationships these days are driven by what you have, with a few sticking to you no matter how skinny you are. These girls are rare and if it happens you have one, keep them. With the involvement of sponsors dating young people, it has messed up the game as at some point you have to work hard to sustain that girlfriend by your side.

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Letting go of sponsors, there is another worst enemy in a relationship progress, guess who? BFFs. These group of guys are ever there for your girlfriend, they ever give moral support when you heartbreak them and on the hangout with your girl when you are away.

They will snatch

BFFs are known and you surely know them physically as your girlfriend ever keeps tabs on introducing them to you. They may look harmless but when they strike, they do it hard. Never trust them with what is yours.

They can and will use

Will the revolution of Mafisi Sacco, I guess with your girlfriend at hand you were too once in that Sacco. The Sacco ever grows and your girlfriends BFFs are not exceptional, and can ever try to check what you been keeping alone as they go, they may not want to stick but just grab and go. Isn’t that bad?

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They are motivational speakers

Have you ever wondered where your girlfriend seek refuge whenever there is a misunderstanding? If you don’t know then get it from me, its there BFFs, where they get motivational guidelines about relationships and can even take the opportunity to bang you out of it. They have the key to your relationship goals and can choose where it can suit them best.

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