Lies everyone experience when betting



Betting is currently the latest addict any person can consume, once you start its hard to let it go especially when you are ever on the winning streak. Betting should be made a drug, since some benefit while some ever lose to these betting companies or even scammers who are said to be selling fixed matches, which never exist. Just like drugs the sellers usually benefit but consumers ever have devastating effects since they just use it to be comfortable.

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Anyway, with all these going on, we ever bet on that multi bet, that jackpot, that mega jackpot, and even those singles bets. Atimes we lose and even win at some point, however, when winning we think we have made it and when we lose we ever blame a single game that never made it to goal-goal, over 2.5 or even your choice being trashed in the last minutes.

We ever think we invest when we lose

If you think you are investing when you lose, then scrap that out of your mind. When you lose today its never guaranteed that you will win the next day, it will only depend on how you play it.

We think when we analyze for a long time we win

That is a big lie, no matter how much time you take analyzing its never guaranteed you win. Football is a gamble and 90 minutes is the big thing here that decides it all. Betting is just luck and you can either win or lose no matter how long you check on team lineups, previous games and so on.

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We ever think fixed matches exist

When betting companies in Kenya came to existence, many people started gaining from this venture, some sell sure odds which mostly win, some scam you for fixed matches that never exist. Many people have been on the losing streak to scammers who give you guarantees that you will win as they do some editing and make you think they placed that huge amount on that bet.

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