‘Mzungu mwitu’ asks for ‘matako’ in US

Justin Bradford, aka mzungu mwitu

Justin Bradford, aka mzungu mwitu

He is known as mzungu mwitu, owing to his impeccable Swahili, as we have been accustomed to, for a while. 

Justin Bradford’s love for the Kenyan culture has seen him endearing to him. He is a YouTuber, where he largely talks in Swahili in his videos. One particular video that he shot was the how to cook ugali.  

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Bradford came to Kenya as a missionary and learned how to speak Swahili in less than a year. He is the unofficial ambassador of the Swahili language, in its attempts at conquering the world. 

In a video he recently shot, Bradford goes around American drive-through food outlets, where he orders food in Swahili. The results are quite comical since none of the attendants is able to get what the mzungu mwitu was saying. 

One incident in the seven-minute clip has Bradford asking for ‘mataco.’

“Ningependa kukula matako uko nayo?” Bradford hilariously asks [to save your time forward to 5.30 on the youtube clip] to an obscure person who does not get what he is saying.

When the attendant gets the drift, that he may have actually been asking for taco, he asks him whether he wants the big one or the small one. Bradford replies that he wants all of them, in Swahili.  

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Critics say that the mzungu is gaining undue attention and fame yet we Africans have been speaking the colonialist’s language for ages. Bradford has professed his love for our culture in many interviews he has conducted. 

Well, mzungu mwiitu is different. He came and learned our local language and is actively promoting it online. In due time, Swahili will go global. Beginning 2020 South Africa will introduce Swahili as an optional language

Watch the video below;

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