Why MPs are becoming selfish to the electorate

Selfish MPs

Selfish MPs

In Kenya MPs have in the recent showed that they never care in any way for their electorates. Their selfish nature being shown in many areas with the latest one being them asking for more money in terms of insurance, mortgages only to list a few of them. The electorate has just got the worst from there leaders as they currently term them as “mafisi” since they are now money oriented.

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In today’s morning, jam at a local radio station callers gave numerous sentiments regarding the bill MPs wanted to pass. The bill if passed, MPs will bag a lot of money out of it. One of the callers at a local radio station said electorate normally say that let us vote for him at least for him to develop only to start complaining when that mp start becoming self-centered. We the electorate are to be blamed since we let MPs become who they are.

Be financially secure

Many MPs want to be financially secure, that’s why you can never hear anyone complaining that they are earning a lot. Being financially secure guarantees you a sustainable life in case they lose in the next election.

Have some money for the electorate

If you ever think that an MP can use his money to hand over then you are wrong. MPs ever look for extra money so as to please the electorate when they are trailing at home.

Sustain lifestyle

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Many MPs lifestyle is so expensive, having a house in the city is so amazing, that’s why they need that mortgage. They just want a comfortable life as anyone may need.

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