30 KCSE candidates arrested at a sex party in Bomet

After the incident of boys from Ambira high school assaulted CS Matiangi and Amina Mohammed on a video they recorded. Many people realized how these young form four leavers have lacked manners to that extent.

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Days later police in Bomet County arrested 30 KCSE candidates on charges that were using drugs at a very young age where they were found in a sex party Bomet.

Reuben Ngetich Bomet Township chief said that they were candidates who had just completed their KNEC exams. The group of students were busted in an abandoned house in Chepnagina village some few kilometers from Bomet at 10pm on Friday. 15 girls and a similar number of boys were found in the house in possession of alcohol.

The administrator said he got a tip-off from locals and immediately mobilized the police who executed the arrest and are now in custody at the Bomet Police Station. The alcohol vendor who sold the students alcohol is being traced by police.

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“We found bottles of hard drinks in the house and we are still trying to get to the bottom of this to know who exactly aided this act,” said Reuben Ngetich. It’s still unclear whether all those arrested were students.

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