Farmers reject Ksh. 2300 state offer – Rift Valley News

After rift valley maize farmers were not paid due to cartels importing maize to state silos leading to excess maize delivered. President Kenyatta had ordered Agriculture secretary to pay the real farmers which never yielded any fruits.

The government decided to buy maize at Ksh. 2,300 per 90kg bag has sparked displeasure among maize farmers and legislators in the North Rift who have been ever sup[porting farmers grievances. They now say that they will protest if the price per bag of maize is not increased to Ksh. 3,200. They claim that the government’s offer is too low and will lead to losses due to the high cost of production.

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The cabinet approved the purchase of two million bags of maize will is too low compared to this year’s production which is more than 40 million bags. Farmers have been receiving Ksh. 2,300 per bag since last year which they requested President Uhuru To intervene so as to increase the price to Ksh. 3,200

Kipkoris Menjo director of the Kenya Farmers Association said that they would summon a crisis meeting to chart the way forward. “We are unhappy with the price and we will meet to determine the next course of action,” said Menjo. Other farmer representatives opposed to the price are David Chepsiya from Moiben and John Kibet. “Our production cost per bag is about Sh2,710. The government price means we will make a loss of about Sh400 per bag,” said Chepsiya.

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MPs Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills), Joshua Kuttuny (Cherangany) and Silas Tiren (Moiben) according to the star have said they would lead farmers in protests if the state fails to increase the price in two weeks. “That price is unfair to farmers. We still ask the President to have it increased,” Tiren said.

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