What Chepalungu is set to benefit from government

Chepalungu Benefits

Chepalungu Benefits

Dps visit on November 11, 2018, where he was there for a church fund drive has marked a lot of expectations in matters development. Chepalungu for a long time has been a neglect, along time no tarmac roads, unimproved educational facilities, and even no technical institutes. When Jubilee government came to power, improvements were realized as some technical institutes were built nearly in every ward.

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There are also some projects that Chepalungu residents have been for a long time been neglected. DPs visit to Bomet County marked a lot of things that will be set to be done before the next election period. A list of them are;

  1. Kyogong-Sigor-Kaboson-Chebunyo road set for an upgrade.  With residence from Chepalungu holding demonstrations that the long-neglected road which is one of the oldest C14 that has not been upgraded to bitumen government have felt the urge to upgrade it. Local leaders have been on the front line asking for it over time and Dp William Ruto assured that the road will be upgraded to bitumen standards.
  2. Dairy production improved. During the DPs visit, Governor Joyce Laboso requested that Chepalungu should have a milk processing plant where value addition on milk products can be done. DP also insisted that there will be a processing farm set up as soon as possible.
  3. Training institutes build. DP assured that more training institutes will be built so as to gap unemployment among the youth.

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