DP appoints Isaac Ruto – Rift Valley News

DP William Ruto with former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto (Courtesy)

During Dps visit to Bomet county for a fund drive in local churches in Siongiroi, many agendas were raised, others as promises and others set to be done. During the church service at siongiroi Isaac Ruto and DP William Ruto announced that they had reconciled and ready to work together for the benefit of the citizens.

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Deputy President William Ruto on the same day announced that he had appointed former Bomet County Governor Isaac Ruto to carry out special development duties all over the country. “I have held a series of meetings with Isaac and reconciled our differences. You must know that we are age mates and we have covered so much ground together. We have differed previously reconciled when I was in Kanu and he bolted out to Narc in the 2002 election,” said William Ruto.

DP Ruto with Governor Laboso and Isaac Ruto (COURTESY)

The former governor will officially kick off tours around the country to lobby for development projects as well as address regional political matters said DP. “I wish to tell you that Isaac will be engaged in regional and national politics and development as Bomet Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso engages in local issues. From now on, we will be sending him out to various regions in the country on development issues,” said William Ruto.

Rift valley politics is set to take a new turn as some selfish individuals who wanted to go against William Ruto will not succeed. Isaac Ruto stated that the appointment had been discussed all of this year and gained momentum recently.“I have been engaged in talks with the DP for a good part of this year focusing on resolving national and regional issues affecting the people,” stated Isaac Ruto.

Isaac Ruto being well known in mobilizing people is set to be William’s new force to keep Jubilees agenda forward.

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