What next for second term governors

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho (coutesy)

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho (courtesy)

2022 elections is an eye for many who want to get in the books of history; that is some years back, so and so vied for president got 20 votes. That will be so crazy, isn’t it? Ok in Kenya anyone can vie as long as you meet the qualification and with money so that you can transverse the country spelling out your political agenda if in a way elected.

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Anyway, time will tell as 2020 is nearing and people are choosing sides since if they try running for president it will just be a waste of time. Twenty-two governors who successfully defended their seats would be forced to retire or seek ‘lesser seats’ in 2022 after serving the constitutional two five-year terms in office. Retiring to a lesser seat will not be an option for them as they will want a bigger position.

When Governor Ali Hassan Joho was sworn in, he said that after his term he was interested in presidency which his party affiliates Musalia Mudavadi welcomed him so warmly. “I do not want my political career to end at governorship so I will vie for the presidential seat in 2022,” Joho said during his inauguration in Mombasa on Tuesday last year.

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2022 elections will see a good number of leaders vying for the presidency while others form alliances so as to been given post as cabinet secretaries when their alliance wins the election.

Former governors – William Kabogo (Kiambu), Peter Munya (Meru) and Isaac Rutto (Bomet) –had announced plans to contest for the Presidency in 2022 after serving a second term. In most instances, those who were oppressed tend to do the same when in high office and fail to see to the philosophical ideology of changing lives.

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