eMpawa; Empower African upcoming artist program – Mr. Eazi

I have been trawling the internet for a time now and I have not seen anything that helps the upcoming artist achieve their dreams through talent. The day I was placing my bet on betpawa I noticed that they had a jackpot worth 10 shillings which you can win up to 20 million shillings, inst that amazing? Leave alone using 100 bob, its just 10 bob.

For only 10 ksh. you can become our next millionaire!

Why eMpawa?

eMpawa is a new initiative sponsored by betPawa. It is targeted to local emerging artists
with a goal to Make it BIG in the international music scene. If you are interested to know more read through this post. They are currently on artist number 13.

Best of luck!

How eMpawa Africa Works

eMpawa Africa is a project by Mr. Eazi which aims at promoting independent artists.

emPawa’s Mission

Grow independent, emerging talented artists into Global Superstars.

How we do this?

We partner with iconic figures, who have in-depth industry knowledge, and experience in promoting talented artists to achieve their full potential and MAKE IT BIG!

We want to equip these artists with the tools, knowledge, network, and investment so they subsequently become independent music entrepreneurs.

How to Enter

Step 1

Upload your 30-second clip to Instagram

Of you doing your thing (singing most obviously)
Step 2

Tag @eMpawaafrica before uploading to Instagram

Step 3

Add #eMpawa100 to your clip caption


What happens next?

The Top 100

The best 100 artists will be chosen by Mr. Eazi and his friends, if chosen you will get $3000 to use for music and video production.

The Top 10

In January 2019 the 10 best artists will be chosen to join Mr. Eazi and his Friends in South Africa for a 3-week masterclass in February 2019. Perform with Mr. Eazi in London

Out of the Top 10 artists, 2 artists will get to perform alongside Mr. Eazi in London at ‘Ghana Party in the Park’ 2019.


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