Moi University administration laxity leads students to a demonstration


School of low Moi University (courtesy)

School of low Moi University (courtesy)

Today Moi University students blocked the Eldoret-Nairobi highway following protests over missing marks. The students claim that their transcripts show that there are no missing marks yet the administration claims that they have.

The standoff with police by law students paralyzed transport through the route today. Police were later forced to lob tear gas canisters to disperse the demonstrating students so as to restore order in the area.

The demonstrating students claimed that the administration was frustrating their efforts to graduate by issuing them with missing marks for what they deserve.

They also claimed that the school administration requires students not staying in the hostel to pay for not living there.”It does not make sense that a comrade requires to pay Sh1,500 a semester for not staying in school,” said the student.

The police who are said to use live bullets were accused by students saying that they were holding a peaceful demonstration. The main goal the students wanted was the school administration should come out clean and address the matter.

“We are only armed with our teeth we are not armed to the teeth. We want the administration to streamline our issues that are not something we can negotiate,” said another student.

The students who were so frustrated are seeking an audience from the administration.

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